Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?


“Cookies” are small pieces of data stored on your computer’s hard drive, facilitating the tracking of your website activity. This enables personalized options based on your previous visits, essential for traffic analysis, advertising, and marketing purposes.

Cookies do not harm your system and are utilized by almost all websites. You can manage your cookie preferences through browser settings, allowing you to accept, reject, or delete them. However, blocking all cookies, including essential ones, may limit access to specific parts of our site.

How do we use cookies?

We monitor your interaction with our website to gain valuable insights into your usage patterns. This enables us to continuously enhance our website and refine our products and services to better meet your specific needs and preferences.

Cookies are either:

- Session:

These cookies temporarily reside on your computer during your web session and delete automatically when you close your browser. They typically include an anonymous session ID, which enables seamless navigation across a website without needing to log in on each page. Importantly, these cookies do not gather any personal data from your computer.

- Persistent:

A persistent cookie stores as a file on your computer, continuing beyond your web browser’s closure. Upon revisiting the website, the cookie remains accessible to its originator. We primarily utilize cookies for Google Analytics to track and analyze website usage.


Additionally, cookies are categorized as follows:

- Strictly necessary:

These are crucial for enabling the effective use of our website, particularly when making purchases or accessing services, and cannot be disabled. They ensure that vital functions on our website remain accessible. Furthermore, they do not collect personal information for marketing purposes or track your internet browsing activity.

- Performance:

This type of cookie empowers us to actively monitor and enhance our website’s performance. By tracking visits, analyzing traffic sources, and identifying popular sections of the site, we continuously strive to improve user experience.

- Functionality:

These cookies empower our website to remember your preferences and deliver enhanced features. For instance, they tailor news or updates relevant to the services you use and facilitate requested tasks such as viewing videos or commenting on blogs. Typically, these cookies anonymize the information collected to protect your privacy.

If you want to delve deeper into computer cookies, explore these credible sources:

1. **Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)** – MDN provides detailed technical documentation on web technologies, including cookies. Visit their Cookie page for comprehensive information.

2. **Google Developers** – Google’s documentation offers insights into web technologies, including cookies. Check out their Introduction to Cookie guide.

3. **W3Schools** – W3Schools is a well-known resource for learning web development technologies. Their HTTP Cookie tutorial provides a beginner-friendly introduction to cookies.

4. **Webopedia** – Webopedia offers a variety of tech-related definitions and explanations. Their entry on HTTP Cookie provides a straightforward overview of cookies.

5. **Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)** – For information on cookies used in online advertising and privacy practices, visit NAI’s Understanding Online Advertising page.

6. **Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)** – EFF provides resources on digital privacy and security, including articles and guides that may cover cookies. Visit their website for more information.

These resources should provide you with a solid foundation and deeper understanding of computer cookies, their functionalities, and their implications for privacy and web browsing.