I went to Helen for my neuropathy. She was awesome. Felt very comfortable with her. Very knowledgeable. I will continue to go and see what happens. The first visit was wonderful. Very relaxing and I think it helped a little. Jim S.

Helen has absolutely changed my life! Since seeing her my hormones and menstrual cycles have dramatically changed for the better. She is the most calming individual and I always feel so safe in her space. She is so experienced and it shows. Highly recommend! Tianna B

I took my 3 year old son to see Helen. She was so patient with him and me throughout our sessions with her. She provided us with so much information and my son has been feeling 100% himself ever since. Altas

I am currently preparing for an IUI procedure and have made the decision to seek Mercier treatments from Helen to enhance my chances of a successful pregnancy. Helen was wonderful in providing a clear explanation of how Mercier treatment works, and I was pleasantly surprised that the actual treatment was not as daunting as I had anticipated. Throughout the hour I spent with her, she created a comfortable and reassuring environment, making me feel at ease. I am eagerly anticipating my upcoming sessions with her. Trish C.

Cognomovement sessions with Helen have LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE! I had a chronic fear of driving, I worked on it with Helen and I am ever grateful how much good has come from that ONE session!! I drive everywhere, all the time now. Cogno has helped me with so many other energetic/emotional/mental blocks as well! I feel much needed empowerment!!! Thank you SO MUCH Helen! Miranda M.